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ȣ 2010 EPS Educational Resources(China) ȸ 2010-08-19

佣许ʦ(EPS) 教


1. Ѣ间

长劳动签订ѢҴӣ从2009Ҵ1210(劳动ݻ规, 佣(182) 现场变(25) 2009Ҵ 12 10 发, 项 2010Ҵ 4 10 发) 长劳动协3Ҵ内时间죬ʦ决Ѣ间.


1. Labor Contract

In the past, the term of the labor contract should not exceed one year. According to the article 18 of the revised law, from 10 April, 2010 the employer and foreign worker may conclude or renew a labor contract for a period decided by mutual agreement within three years from the date of his/her entry.


2. 佣


2009Ҵ 12 10ã 签订劳动佣国. 并2ҴѢ间韩国ʦ继续.

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2010 EPS Educational Resources(Thailand)
2010 EPS Educational Resources(English)
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